CapsInvest is a private investment company that helps organizations to realize
their (growth) targets faster.

We mainly focus on providing start-up and growth capital for young, innovative companies with a technical profile (mobile telecommunication, internet and software).

Additionally CapsInvest focuses on real estate investments (projects) in The Netherlands and abroad.


real estate

CapsInvest invests in existing
real estate and real estate projects that
are an interesting investment.

In the selection procedure of these investmentprojects
durability, value retention and future
value development are key principles.



CapsInvest invests in young, ambitious organizations

who focus on new technology.
We concentrate on the development of innovative products and software for mobile telecommunication and internet.



The strong economic growth which a large part of Asia
has enjoyed for several years now, provides a favorable investment climate.

From our office in Hong Kong CapsInvest Asia invests in innovative companies developing new
technologies. Qualitative, reliable companies that distinguish themselves from
competitors in local and global markets.



Investing in the future means more
than creating the ability
to generate returns.

Who wants to multiply must also be able to share. CapsInvest Charity shows her commitment by investing in various charity projects in the sectors and countries in which we operate.



Founder and director on behalf of the collective of private investors that have united in CapInvest, is Patrick Tsang.

Driven and successful entrepreneur with companies and participations in various industries and specialist in the field of global investment projects.

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